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  Family - Religion

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  Theophilos  -  Version  3

Highly advanced, expandable and flexible digital library suited best for study of the Bible and other Christian writings. Multimedia features and multilingual support. Optional advanced authoring features for affordable electronic publishing of Christian works and literature in general. Free package with many add-ons which can be downloaded free or purchased on a CD. The full CD version of Theophilos is a wealthy source of over 100 Bible study materials. This family Bible study companion is designed to satisfy all age groups from pre-school to adult. Whether you want to attract your children to the Bible through multimedia Bible narrations with illustrations or your teenagers through quality Christian music performed by Kerry Livgren or whether you want to plunge yourself into serious Bible study, it's all built-in. Visually impaired users using a screen reading software will find Theophilos exceptionally accessible. Available also with the entire King James Bible read by Alexander Scourby with over 72 hours of sound on a single CD.

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