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 Games - Lotto Number Generators


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 Lotto Selector UK  -  Version  1.0.1

Lotto selector is a simple to use lottery number generator that uses ball Placement probability theory to select the numbers.

Lotto selector uses ball placement probability theory to find the best numbers to play which ensures higher ball hit ratios than using simply random numbers.
Ball Placement Probability Theory come about as the result of two years research in to number wheeling when writing the Lottery Statistic Analyser. It was discovered that subsets of numbers have different hit ratio percentages, some excessively larger than others.

In the UK Lotto we have

13,983,816 six ball combinations

Each six ball combination can be split in 20 three ball combinations
Each six ball combination can be split in 15 two ball combinations

To analyse the best places to put you numbers lotto selector has to calculate every combination plus every 3 ball position in each combination plus every two ball combination in each position.

Total calculations (13,983,816 x 20 = 279676320) + 13,983,816 x 15 = 209757240
Total calculations lotto selector makes for one 6 ball selection 489 million 433 thousand and 560

An example of this in action would help calm the sceptics amongst us right now.
Take the random combination 01 02 04 12 23 30 and split it in to its 20 three ball combinations
Count how many times each of the 3 ball combinations appear in entire draw in each possible ticket position .

Add up the result and you would find that 01 02 04 12 23 30 has 36,541 chances of hitting 3 numbers in the positions found within 01 02 04 12 23 30.

Now the combination 01 06 16 37 38 46 subjected to the same math.

01 06 16 37 38 46 has 70,007 chances of hitting 3 numbers in the positions laid out in the ticket.
70,007 - 36,541 = 33,466

33,466 is a massive probability increase from a single ticket but the math shows this possible.

Program Details
Publisher Name MicraCom
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows XP
File Size 1933 KB
File Date 8/21/2012
License Shareware
Price $8
Expires On
Expires After 0
Other Expiration Info 10 Uses
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 8/24/2012