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 Family - Cooking and Related


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 TikTokCook Personal  -  Version

TikTokCook(tm) is an easy to use multi alarm timer
requiring little in the way of computer skills. Simply
add as many timers as you want and drag them with the
mouse to the required time, it's that simple. You can
work in the conventional way by putting something in
to cook then setting the timer or by setting a timer
for the time the meal should be served and working
backwards - or a combination of both. The big
advantage of working backwards is that you can set a
timer # minutes prior to the finish time without
having to work anything out or even knowing the actual
time you are setting it to. All you need to know is
the interval or length of time needed to cook,
intervals and the length of time to the next alarm are
displayed constantly with a graphical progress
indicator keeping you up to date. The program is
accurate to within +- 100 milliseconds of your PC
clock.. Up to 60 timers can be set and time spans of
15 minutes to 960 days covers most needs. Setting of
timers is made even easier by being able to snap to
times. Appropriate defaults for selected time spans
are applied automatically but anywhere between one
second and two weeks can be applied. Zoom levels
enable you to expand the view to make visual progress
more obvious and one key shortcuts for moving timers
by fixed increments make minor adjustments both quick
and easy. If something is taking more or less time
than anticipated it's a simple matter to move a group
of timers forward or backwards. Uses aren't limited to
cooking, any situation that requires a number of
alarms where a tolerance of +- 100 milliseconds is
acceptable can make use of TikTokCook(tm). Once you've
used TikTokCook(tm) you'll wonder how you ever managed
without it. One day, all cook timers will be made this
way, download and give it a try or use the purchase
links to get started right away. A handy unit
converter and a nice big analog clock will become hard
to live without tools.

Program Details
Publisher Name Gordon Whittam
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 98 - Windows ME - Windows NT 3.x - Windows NT 4.x - Windows 2000 - Windows XP
File Size 1648 KB
File Date 10/14/2004
License Shareware
Price $19.91
Expires On
Expires After 30
Other Expiration Info
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 11/15/2004